We at SmileMax Dental Believe That Great Smiles Are Worth It

We are committed to providing our patients with the highest quality dental care in the same warm, caring, and professional manner we would extend to members of our own family.

  • we aim to improve patient health, appearance, self-confidence and overall quality of life

  • using the finest materials

  • very latest in cutting-edge technology

  • most advanced skills and services

  • truly remarkable, relaxing experience while we focus on your comfort

  • to listen first, then deliver individualized, uncompromised care

Our goal is to provide exceptional pediatric and orthodontic dental care for infants, children, teenagers and the special needs patient. What will make us different from other practices is that we will practice with compassion, treating all of our patients with respect and individuality as each patient and family has different needs. We will strive to always have the patient’s best interest at heart. We will create a “dental home” for our patients, providing:

  • An accurate and honest assessment for dental diseases and conditions.

  • An individualized preventive dental health program.

  • To guide our patients regarding growth and development issues (teething, habits and orthodontics).

  • A plan for emergency treatment, including pain or dental trauma.

  • Information about proper care of the child’s teeth and gingiva.

  • Information about proper nutrition practices.

  • Comprehensive dental care in accordance with accepted guidelines and recare schedules for pediatric dental health.

  • Referrals to other dental specialists when care could and should not be provided within the dental home.

  • That all professionals rendering pediatric and orthodontic dental care will continually and regularly educate themselves, keeping abreast of all new treatment modalities that would benefit our patients.

  • That we will always keep our office new, modern and offer the latest technology to benefit patient care.

  • That all employees in this practice will provide services to our patients in a kind, respectful and courteous manner.

Dr Vimal Thareja

Our Story

Having my own practice has always been something I have longed to do since I began practising as a dentist in 2008. After working in different parts of the country and completing my Orthodontic residency, the time came in 2012 and after a long search a location was found where i could start. Then after about eight years of constant hard work and persistance i found a location that captured my imagination and ideas, where I could see my vision come to life.

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We have a team of highly qualified and experienced MDS specialists to provide you the best dental treatment you deserve

Dr. Vimal Thareja
Dr. Vimal TharejaDirector and Consultant Orthodontist
BDS, MDS ( Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics )

I can smile with complete confidence! I can’t now imagine ever being concerned about appearing in photos. It’s just been a new lease of life. Thank you.

Mansi Arya

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